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Can We Heal People As We Pleased?

Can We Heal People As We Pleased?Perhaps the question in my title might ignite a debate or a discussion among Christians. The Question is can a believer heal any sick people as he pleased. I would like to point the word “as he pleased”. The sentence gives and indication that we as a Christian has power in everything. But do we? My answer is “NO”, we don’t have power but God has power. We are only being used by God as his vessel but still the final decision is with God and God alone. This is why that sometimes when we pray for the sick people, they are being healed and sometimes not. It is because God has it’s own decision if he will heal those sick people whom we pray or He will not.

Some of you might question about FAITH, Faith is believing that God is there to help us, but Faith is not something to command God on what he needs to do in every situation in our life. We need to understand that when we accept Christ in our life, we ask Him to be in charge of our life and not us to be in Charge of Him.

Let me point you out in this bible verse:

2nd Timothy 4:20 Erastus abode at Corinth: but Trophimus have I left at Miletum sick

We all know that Paul is an instrument whom God is using to heal people. But why did Trophimus was left sick in Miletum (some translation says Mileta, Melotus) ? It only shows that, Apostles could not work miracles when they pleased, God is the healer and not Paul. It also answers some queries on why we kept on praying for the sick but yet, nothing happen. I always believed in Romans 8:28, and know that all things works together for good.

I do believed that Trophimus, an Ephesian, was also been healed on God’s perfect timing. Trophimus was only mentioned in the bible 3 times, Acts 20:4, Acts 21:29 and 2nd Timothy 4:20 and passages clearly mention that Trophimus is a co-worker of Paul in Christ.

We need to have expectant faith, Yes, but we also need to understand the power of God in our life. He is the one in control, not us. Psalm 118:8.