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Tomorrow is My Birthday, Poem of Love From my Wife

Tomorrow is my birthday and my wife just gave a wonderful poem as her gift.. I love her very much. Check the poem below. By the way she use to call me LAKAY.

Tomorrow is My Birthday, Poem of Love From my Wife

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I love u lakay this is what i can say
No material things can ever repay
Sacrificing the things you need
Is your way of showing your love indeed.

I appreciate all the things that you do
It’s your way of showing your love it’s true
I don’t have anything to offer you
I’ll just be of service that’s what i will do.

It makes me cry, i have nothing to give
I’m always the one who always receive
You give me all the things i want
And it makes me feel really sad.

I know i am not a perfect wife
For me to have you in my  life
But I’m so grateful to God it’s true
And I thank God He gave me YOU.

You may laugh, you may cry
But i can only try
To make you feel you are loved
And for that I thank God.

Thank you lakay for loving me
For giving me our kids of 3
If you want we’ll pray for one more
And for that they will then be 4. 🙂

Happy Birthday Lakay
You’re so precious to me
You allow me to be myself
And showed me how to be free.

Now it’s time for me to end
This poem for you i will now send
I hope you feel my love for you
Through the things that i do.

I love you lakay with all my heart
In my life you play a vital part
Being a kind husband just for me
And a loving father to our lovely 3.