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VICTORY.. What About It ?

In order for us to be Victorious, we need to know how to become victorious. Let me share you what I learned from our recent Bible Study. Here is the acronym of VICTORY

VICTORY.. What About It ?

V – Vow and Not Sin

As Christian we should vow and give reverence to our God, we need to avoid temptation and flee from temptation. Don’t test if you can win over the temptation. It is better to flee away from it and never give a chance to the temptation to go near to you (2nd Corinthians 5:15).

I – Increase your faith

We need to increase our faith, the Lord have provided us already the exact faith that we need in this world, but the problem is that we cannot attain the faith that was given to us. Often we have doubt that our faith is little. But in reality God gave it already to us. We are more than conquerors my brothers and sisters (Romans 8:31)

C – Continue to Love

We might have different doctrines, we might have different understanding about the word of God, but the most important attitude that we need to have is loving each other the way that Jesus love us. We need to remain in the Love of Jesus. (John 15:9)

T – Trust God Always

Psalm 118:8, We need to put all our trust to God and God alone. And when we say we trust, we don’t worry, we don’t question, because we know that for everything works together for good according to God’s plan. Romans 8:28 , Matthew 6:33

O – Obey God Moment by Moment

Obedience is better than sacrifice. There are lots of blessing if we obey. ( Deuteronomy 11:27-28)

R – Read God Word Daily

We need to meditate the word of God daily, so that we will be continuously refreshed by the word of God everyday. It will definitely give us strength to face any problem that we might encounter in our everyday life(Joshua 1:8)

Y – Yield Yourself to God

Be humble and yield yourself to God, We cannot do anything if God is not with us. (Romans 12:2)

Note : By attending the Bible Study, I was able to get the acronym of victory and tried to explain the way I understood the teaching. God Bless You all..

So are you Victorious ?