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Additional Passive Income Through AIM Global

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It’s been a while since I have posted in this blog. I just want to update you that I am still here alive and kicking. I am just busy in the offline world. I am still into investing and my blogging earnings goes to investing.

I have added another source of passive income, through MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). It is my first time to be in MLM due to the fact that I though every MLM are made equal and has an objective to SCAM people.

Well I am wrong.

Last year, a friend of mine, Marhgil Macuha, invited me to be part of his group and told me that he plan to saturate the online world through blogging and affiliate marketing in promoting our products. We were both actively blogging and doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). He told me that there is a big opportunity in the company.

Finally I joined AIM Global, through my upline’s persistence.

At first I just joined because he is a friend and I don’t want to reject him for an amount of Php 7,980 in which I know that it is more or less the worth of the products being sold. And besides blogging earnings is good through paid clicks in some of my blogs.

Through his persistence, I was able to join the group and did you know what happen? We have already consumed the products and yet no single downline came. Nobody seems to be interested in joining AIM Global since they though that it is one of the SCAM which always shown in the news. I took me a year to realize that value of this company.

After a year my upline told me that there are bloggers interested to join the team and he told me that he will add a downline for me. Wooow great I told him at long last I will have Php 500 in my account.

One of my downline, Elizar Palad, work hard and is now making one of my account leg strong. He even plan to set up an AIM Global office in Bulacan.

Through constant study about MLM business model, I have added new accounts after learning that I could earn more through passive income by having multiple heads (Maximum 7 accounts). New customers came in through capture pages in my blogs that we have installed a year ago. Some pay in after 5 months and more. Some heard our success through Facebook and became interested. It only means that through the years that I am not working or sharing AIM Global my blogs work for me.

But what if I have started doing marketing and sharing this business opportunity long ago, I might be one of those AIM Global distributors who have cars already.

I could attest that there is passive income in Multi-Level Marketing and choosing the right company is crucial in getting one. I know that with proper guidance with our new downline and future downline, our group will soon be one of the top achievers in the coming AIM Global events.

If you want to join in our group and learn how we do marketing through Facebook, social media or any other online methodology enter your email through this link. –

Just in case you want to know how much is the investment amount check below breakdown.

  • Aim Global Package – Php 7,980
  • China Trust Card Fee – Php 500 ( Waived if you have an existing Banco De Oro Account)
  • ID Fee – Php 200
  • Shipping Fee (Depends on the location) – we deliver local and International.

Here are the requirements:

  • ID Picture that can accommodate 1×1 at 2×2
  • Scanned Valid ID (Employment ID or any government issued like SSS)
  • Scanned Passport
  • AIM Global Application Form
  • China Trust Application Form

Signed the Photocopy of your ID. More information can be seen here –

Just don’t forget to activate your account after filling your email address and name.

As A final thought I plan to have more account in the future. Who says I can be limited to seven? I still have my wife. 7 + 7 = 14. Happy networking guys.

I praise God to this additional income opportunity.

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